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Medical Office Assistant And Pharmacy Technician Courses For Fast Healthcare Careers

June 27, 2020 Posted by kyu7

Becoming a pharmacist or a doctor is a serious educational commitment that takes several years. Especially in light of the almost decade long, immensely expensive process of becoming a doctor, healthcare careers can feel out of reach for many people. But becoming a physician is not the only option for healthcare hopefuls. Aside from nursing, two other prominent healthcare professions are medical office assistant and pharmacy technician. Let’s have a closer look.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician training has to prepare the student for the crucial role of assisting pharmacists conduct their duties. Most people know about the drug dispensaries found in commercial stores and hospitals, but there’s also a role for pharmacy technicians in medical research, third party insurers and drug manufacturing. Regardless of where the technician takes a job, your training will focus on a strict and accurate understanding of measurement, dispensing systems and drug effects. Though you will have the supervision of a pharmacist, patient safety depends on your ability to provide exactly the dose prescribed, and you’ll also have a chance to make sure they’re receiving the right medication and get to work directly with clients, including calling them to ensure medications are being taken as directed.

Programs are usually provided through vocational schools and colleges, with a length averaging around a year, but some programs allowing completion in less time. Like any healthcare professional, you will have liability insurance and accredited programs are offered in most provinces in Canada. 43% are employed in hospitals or similar facilities, and pharmacist shortages have seen a recent boom in the demand for people with pharmacy technician training, making it a reliable choice for steady and rewarding work.

Medical Office Assistant

In Canada, the role of the medical office assistant is somewhat more abbreviated than your American cousins, because of provincially regulated Medicare instead of a byzantine network of private insurers, but there’s still a strong demand for people with medical office assistant training. As well as clerical work, including working with sensitive and confidential medical records and calling patients to remind them of scheduled appointments, medical office assistants receive some front line medical training to help them understand the ins and outs of their patients’ needs.

One part secretarial and receptionist training, and one part anatomy and health lessons, medical office assistant training is also mostly found through career or vocational schools and community colleges. Like pharmacy technician programs the study time is short. Particular to the program the administrative side of the training also makes graduates flexible, with options to work outside the healthcare industry. If you do decide to stick with healthcare you could find yourself at the front desk of a private practice or part of a team in the medical record archives of a large hospital.

What’s Tantra Got to Do With Yoga?

June 22, 2020 Posted by kyu7

So often we get the question, “What’s Tantra Yoga?” Some may know it as the “yoga of sex” or the “sexy yoga” and think of it primarily as a way to achieve better orgasms.

And then there is the form of Yoga we have become so familiar with in the West, which has a studio at almost every street corner of our modern cities. We show up to a yoga studio, lay down our mat and practice our poses. That’s yoga, right? Yes, but that’s just one form of yoga called “Hatha” yoga.

Hatha yoga is the practice of the physical body. Tantra yoga is the practice of the energetic body.

What’s the “energetic body?” You can look at it this way: All matter is made up of energy frequency, as now proven by Quantum Physics. This includes our body. Life force energy is running through us human beings at all times from the moment we are conceived to the time we die. Life force energy is known by different names in different cultures, like Chi in Chinese, Kundalini in Sanskrit, Reiki in Japanese, or The Force like in Star Wars. Life force and sexual energy are the same. It’s the energy that brought us into this world. Most of the time life force sexual energy shows up in subtle states and then at times in aroused states. Tantric yoga allows to develop awareness of our life force energy and how it manifests in us on physical, emotional and mental levels.

To access energetic awareness we draw on the Chakra system of seven major energy centers in the body. Each Chakra is associated with a different way of sensing, feeling and reflecting. For example, the heart Chakra, located in the middle of the chest between the breasts, is associated with love and compassion, and the ability to connect with other people. This is seen when a person expresses love for something or someone and places their hand on their heart. We all know this experience. If the heart Chakra is out of balance and constricted, we may feel closed off to ourselves or from another. Other Chakras have other affects and all are equally important.

Connecting with our energy centers we can start to clear blocks of emotional, physical or spiritual nature so we may be living life to the fullest. These blocks do not just exist in the mind, they are held in the body. We look to the Chakras to see where we are out of balance. Through breath work, movement, meditation, and emotional and physical release processes, a person can clear these blocks and experience greater joy and aliveness in their life. What also ends up happening is the body starts “working” better, energy starts to flow more easily and we feel more awake and become physically well.

This is also the primary purpose of Hatha yoga – to allow one’s energy to flow more easily. Alignment is the main focus of any Hatha yoga class. The poses (a.k.a. “Asanas”) were designed to get a person’s body into optimal alignment. And not just for the sake of better posture; each pose has an energetic component behind it. For example, Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I) is great physically for building strength in the quadriceps and gluteus but also energetically cultivates more courage and strength to face life’s challenges.

Tantra and Hatha yoga, therefore, start feeding into each other. For example, if a person is practicing a lot of Tantra they may find that their asana practice greatly improves. This is because as their energy runs better, their body naturally goes towards optimal alignment. Conversely, if a person is primarily a Hatha yoga practitioner, their body will start to release emotional blocks as they work on their alignment. This is why not everyone feels at peace or happy during a yoga class. As we start to breathe and stretch into our bodies, old emotions start to arise.

You can see Yoga comes in many shapes and forms. Tantra is one practice that leads toward deeper fulfillment and joy in one’s life. When practiced in partnership with Hatha yoga, a practitioner can experience strength and aliveness in both their physical and energetic body.

Yoga Therapy & Training Sessions Jaipur

June 21, 2020 Posted by kyu7

Looking for Yoga-Meditation Training sessions in Jaipur here is a golden chance for co-operate employees, tourists, patients and all to heal their body alignments. Myyogaguru provided all the therapy and all the yoga asans by professional instructors.

Senior Citizen





8.30 to 9.30 a.m. OLD PEOPLES




6.30 to 7.30 p.m. MEDITAION & PRANAYAM


Yoga is an ancient Indian Scientific art of maintaining a perfect balance between physical and mental health. While the word Yoga combines our physical, mental, spiritual and pious strengths.

Peace is the ultimate purpose of mankind. Yoga was founded in the year 2005 with a vision to help people lead a physically fit and mentally healthy life. At Yoga we share the belief that all the aliments are curable and that its everybody’s right to live a healthy and stress free life. Yoga is the only centre of Rajasthan which provides different Yoga Programmes, under one roof to people with diverse needs and varied ailments.

Therapy Yoga, for instance, helps the people with physical ailments perform different Yoga Asans using simple supportive instruments (ropes, belts, boxes etc). This not only helps them to attain the right posture but also builds up their confidence.

Meditation sessions help the one serene for psychological healing process to lead a stress free life.

Slimming Yoga for those who want to lose some extra kilos!

While regular classes for the ones who want overall health benefits.

In short Yoga is a journey to meet your own “healthier” self. It is a gateway “from health to happiness”.

Exhale all your worries…

Inhale all your blessings…

Come and be part of Yoga Family!!

Yogaguru Dhakaram, The Founder of YogaPeace
An ardent learner and a dedicated guru, Dhakaram ji is a prominent personality who lives Yoga. He has made his mark by being a gold medalist two times internationally; has earned the national award many a times.

He realized that he is made for Yoga when he came in contact with his Yoga Guru Shri Suraj Karan Jindal Sahib of Jaipur.

Since the year 1993, he is dedicated in healing through yoga. His sadhna is continuously appreciated and felicitated with a number of awards, certificates, Medallions, Appraisals, nationally and globally. His personality adds to his art of teaching yoga. He takes personal interest in each and every student by making him available all the time for all working tirelessly at the centre. His teaching method is unique which he formulates as per the progress and understanding of his student to avoid boredom and develop insight and depth of the subject. He has trained thousands of people to change their life along with helping them getting rid of the ailments they thought were not possible to be cured.

In year 2008, Dhakaram ji was fortunate to seek the blessings of Yogacharya Shri Karunakar ji, a disciple of Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar. Since then Yogacharya Shri Karunakar ji is giving his valuable time, knowledge and Therapeutic Yoga guidance to Dhakaram ji.

Mr. Dhakaram being curious learner keeps upgrading his own knowledge. Apart from yoga he is also trained in various fields of alternative medicines such as Acupressure, Su Jok Therapy, Twist Therapy, Smile Meditation, Smile Yoga and Naturopathy etc.

“Teaching gives me a great deal of satisfaction and the opportunity of self-realization through the process of yoga. It allows me to contribute to society in the best way I can and enjoy” says Mr. Dhakaram.

He is excellent Yoga teacher and healer with everlasting smiles on his face which makes him and his teaching very special.

  • Awarded “Gandhi Award” by Gandhi Institute of Naturopathy Yogic and Ayurvedic Sciences, 29-Aug-2016
  • Conducted Practical Sessions on “Yoga Props” at the Department of Yogic Science & Human Consciousness, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer, May 2016
  • Vice President of International Naturopathy Organisation (INO) Rajasthan
  • Patron Member of Rajasthan Swastha Yog Shala Samiti
  • Certified DNYS Authority (Diploma in Naturopathy and Sciences form Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chitiksa Parishad, Delhi)
  • Qualified Yoga & Meditation Instructor
  • Authorized Yoga Instructor from Rajasthan Swasthya Yoga Parishad (Rajasthan Council For Yoga & Health)
  • Certified Su-Jok Acupuncture Therapist from International Su-Jok Therapy Association
  • Qualified Twist Therapy & Smile Meditation Instructor through International Spiral Motion Association
  • Attended 7 days of Advance Pranayam at Guru BKS Iyengar’s institute – Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI), Pune, India – 24-Apr-2015 to 30-Apr-2015. It was conducted by Geeta S. Iyengar.
  • Participant at Guru BKS Iyengar Pranayam, Aasan and Therapy Yoga Camp by Ramamani Iyengar Yog Institute at Pune, India during 9-Dec-2013 to 13-Dec-2013
  • Guest Speaker at Seminar on Yoga-Naturopathy, 2013 by International Naturopthy Organisation – Rajasthan
  • Award of Appreciation at Seminar on Yoga-Naturopathy, 2013 by International Naturopthy Organisation – Rajasthan
  • Guest Speaker at Rajasthan International Festival 2013 held at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
  • Judge at Rajasthan Yoga Competition – 2008, Jaipur, held by Rajasthan Swasthya Yoga Parishad
  • Guest Speaker at Fifth Laughter Thearapy Conference – 2013, Jaipur
  • Guest Speaker at Doctors Management Training Camp – 2013, March 2013, organised by International Naturopathy Organisation (INO)
  • Certified Naturopathy and Yoga Practitioner by Gandhi Smarak Prakritik Chikitsa Samiti, New Delhi and Mahatama Gandhi Prakritik Chikitsa and Yog Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur
  • International Su Jok Therapy Advance Level Certified, February 2008
  • International Twist Therapy Practitioner Certified, February 2008
  • International Smile Meditation Practitioner Certified, February 2007
  • Judge at Jaipur Yogasan Competition by Rajasthan Swasth Yog Parishad, Jaipur, July 2006
  • Special Performance Award in Jaipur Yogasan Competition by Rajasthan Swasth Yog Parishad, Jaipur, August 2005
  • Gold Medal Winner at International Naturopathy & Yoga Seminar at IIT Kanpur, July 2005
  • Best Performer at International CME on Yoga Therapy at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, March 2005
  • Winner of International Yoga Conference – YOGACON 2004, Jaipur, January 2004
  • Best Performer at International Yoga Conference – YOGACON 2004 at Jaipur, January 2004
  • Prominent Performer at Dr. Swami Gitananda Smiriti National Yoga Festival at Calcutta, September 1998
  • Winner of International Yoga Conference – YOGACON – 98, Jaipur, November 1998
  • Invited Delegate in International Yoga Conference organized by the Tourism Dept. of Govt. of Pondicherry, January 1998
  • Best Sadhak by Rajasthan Swasth Yog Parishad, Jaipur, 1999-2000

trategies to Get Free Publicity For Your Health Club Or Gym

June 9, 2020 Posted by kyu7

You might think that your small gym or health club isn’t newsworthy. Think again! Do something to help others, and you in turn will reap rewards. The opportunities to market your health club are only limited by your own imagination. Here are seven amazingly simple ways to improve your health club marketing efforts and generate free publicity for your gym.

1. Canned food drive

“Free Enrollment when you bring in 5 canned foods!” Your fitness center can partner with a local soup kitchen or Salvation Army. Be sure to tell the newspapers and news stations about the partnership…they eat that stuff up! (And of course, you’re also helping those in need, which always feels good)

2. Write for your local newspaper

Does your local paper have a weekly fitness editorial? Write one for them! Contact your local paper(s), introduce yourself as a local health club owner, and let them know you would like to write a weekly fitness tip/article for them. The worst they will say is no. What other publications are distributed in your area. Community newsletters? Free newsstand periodicals? What about online resources? Are there websites catering to your area? Write articles for them. If you can’t write, have one of your staff members write.

3. Partner with your local radio station

You can have a radio station sponsor an 8-week weight loss contest for your health club. Get a DJ as your advocate. They can announce the contest to the listeners, have them submit applications, maybe even get teams set up between two DJ’s. All participants can have a free gym membership during the contest in exchange for lots of advertising for your health club over the 8 weeks.

4. Run a contest for charity

Get members to have friends and family pledge an amount per mile you spend on the treadmill or for every step you climb on the stairmaster. Even if you only get 2 people to participate, it doesn’t matter. Tell the radio station about it and they will do a story on it. It’s different, it’s interesting, and it’s not negative news…which seems to be all there is on the news these days. Run a successful health club marketing campaign and help others at the same time!

5. Provide free seminars

These can either be onsite at your facility or at a community center. If you call or visit your local Chamber of Commerce and ask about a listing of presentations, you will be amazed. People give presentations on anything from basket weaving to coding HTML. If they don’t already have someone regularly presenting on fitness-related topics, just ask them to put you on the schedule. They announce all upcoming presentations to their member and email list. Come up with a good headline for your presentation though. “Fitness Tips” just won’t cut it. How about, “How to lose that 10 Pounds before Bikini Season” or “Show Me the Diet You’re on and I’ll Show You Why it isn’t Working: A Roundtable Discussion” or “7 Things You Can do Right Now to Begin Losing Weight Tomorrow”. If you hold your seminar at your health club, announce it to all of your members and allow them to bring friends. Then contact your local newspaper and have them announce your fitness seminar to their readers. This is one of the most powerful gym marketing strategies and a great way to become recognized as the best health club in your market.